July 13, 2014

Five ways for IT pros to shine in 2014

In our ever-changing business environment, how do you stand out amongst your IT peers? Below are tips that I hope will help you get started down the right path. If you form these habits properly, they will transcend the workplace and flow into your personal life as well. 1. Evaluate your present position In Robert Greene’s book The 33 Strategies of War, he explains that “…seeing things as they are…” is a key component in any successful strategy. So, the first […]

July 13, 2014

Apple vs. Android: What does India think?

Apple and Android are both Goliaths in the world of smart technology, competing neck-and-neck with each other on everything they produce, from smartphones and tablets to apps and features. Then there is India, known as the world’s back office, which is a nation with a competent talent-pool of IT professionals, managers, and leaders. How is India taking to Apple and Android? Is it enjoying their daily competitive battles, or is it nonchalant, watching from afar with a meek sense of […]

July 13, 2014

10 key facts about microservers

Microservers offer benefits such as low power and space consumption, and have a number of potential roles in the data center — generally ‘scale out’ workloads that can use large numbers of relatively lightweight server nodes. But they have their limitations, including moderate computing capabilities, the potential need for software rewrites to handle clustered configurations, a lack of standards, and ambiguity about workload capacity and management. They also face competition from virtualization and cloud services (although it should be noted […]

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